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Monday, March 19, 2012

Nadal excuse lists

nadal always try to make excuse calls a trainer literally everytime he lose. (1.2008 aus open against tsonga--Nadal said that it was not tsonga's real level and mention about tsonga's ranking as proof lol, 2.BNP Paribas Masters 2008 against davydenko--nadal was okay in first set but suddenly started pretending he is hurt, 3.ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam again murray--Nadal was okay throuout the whole match but suddenly he act like he was hurt when score is too much to overcome, 4.2009 French open against soderling--He made arrogant excuse that It was not soderling that beat him but It wasn't his best and suddenly announce his knee injury after 'losing'(is it coincident?), 5. 2010 aus open against murray(He was okay throughout the whole match, but when he lose so badly he typically show off he is hurt and calls doctor and retire from the match, 6. 2010 Sony Ericsson Open against andy rodick--he seemed okay throughout the whole match, but he typically show off again that he is hurt when he lose so badly by pounding his leg violently 7.2010 Shanghai Rolex Masters in Shanghai against Jurgen melger--He again anounce his injury after he lose 8.2010 ATP World Tour Finals in London against federer-- He said that he is not going to tell he lost because he is tired which It's not even worth mentioning, 9. 2011 Doha, Qatar against davydenko--he again suddenly calls a trainer when he is close to lose) *addition* 10. 2011 US open against delpotro, He seemed okay the whole match but when he is close to lose, he again calls medical time, he disrupts del potro's rhythm and won the match eventually. 11. 2012 BNP Paribas Open against federer, he give excuse that he cannot execute 'his normal tactics against roger'

I made this list because some nadal fans It's exaggeration to say 'everytime', but I used that word in literall meaning. i felt that it isn't even exaggerating when I said nadal use injury as excuse EVERYTIME he lose. some people even deny, saying that nadal NEVER made excuse when I feel that He did that EVERYTIME. some just accuse of roger federer because they THINK I personally attack nadal with no reason, so here I made the list of reason and that is my reason I think nadal make excuse only when he lose. some even twist it and attack roger by saying federer is king of excuse with no reason. Federer never pull out of match or call trainer when he lose which is the biggest excuse to me. I don't wanna use word like king of excuse like infant baby but if people need to call it that really is Nadal. So my question is why does nadal have to show off he is ill ONLY and EVERYTIME he lose badly, why not when he is winning or have close score If he is not only using as excuses? can we just safely said that he just use injury as excuse for his losing?

I expect nadal fans once again will use personal attack on me and will make childish insults to my sincere quetion. before, I didn't give you the example of what I am talking about because I don't feel like I need to because people will know what I am talking about since they saw the same thing from nadal but you nadal fans stamp me as troll and deny the facts without reason, I am giving you the list here. I don't usually do give example when things are obvious because I am little lazy. however, if you use answer as filling up your childish insults even this time, you guys aren't even worth calling human. I just expect sicere answer and thoughts to my sincere question. I expressed enough that my question is sincerely curious one not offense intended in anyway.

1 year ago

♥V!vαRα∫.../ROFL. then how can you explain he always try to pull out from the game ONLY and EVERYTIME when he gets to the score that he cannot overcome not before that when it seems he still has a chance in the match or when he wins in score lol. I didn't say that he faked the injury(but nobody really knows). I think he clearly try to use injuries as excuse for loging matches. I've watched professional tennis for 10 years but I never seen any player like this. It's ridiculous!!! also you try to counter attack federer like 14 years old infant in beastly reaction just because I pointed out that nadal has injury shows whenever he has no hope of winning the match. again I've watched professional tennis about 10 years never never I've seen players like nadal who does that and I've seen players who have perfect manner on and off court like pete sampras, andre agassi and roger federer! Federer never pulled out his matches in his entire career. you said federer said excuse in 2009 and 2010

1 year ago

you said federer said excuse in 2009 and 2010. what are those? I never heard that federer use excuse in the interview? It's you who clearly just hate federer without the reason. seriously I've seen some nadal fans call the one of the most humble player I ever seen the most arrogant player in the tennis history and you just called federer is the king of excuses unrighfully when he NEVER made his injuries as excuse or pull out from matches just because he is losing. some nadal fans really need to grow up and stop making a little arrogant player look like the most humble player in the tennis history and call the one of the most humble champion the the arrogant jerk when he never done anything arrogant act. Is it right to call nadal a humble player just because he says few moderate things? no action speaks louder than words! Is it right to call a real humble player federer a arrogant jerk just because you got angry with someone who pointed out ridiculous act that nadal did throughout his c

1 year ago

just because you got angry with someone who pointed out ridiculous act that nadal did throughout his career? no, that's not right and you have no reason. It's some nadal fans who need to stop the hate on roger who has done nothing wrong.

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who has noticed this! Every time he is losing in a match, he calls a trainer. And then afterwards, I want to say at least fifty percent of the time, he ends up winning the match. I don't think it's fair and I think it's a big reason why there are so many split fans between him and Federer. It's a shame Nadal couldn't be a better loser, if he was then maybe we could have two amazing tennis players admired by all instead of hating one or the other. But riddle me this, if Nadal was apparenty dying of fever during his match against Davydenko, why the hell was he able to not only play a doubles match, but to win it?

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