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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Egyptians are Greeks.

2014. 7. 31.

If this reply is for me - these are the commonplaces of human anthropology.
The Pelopponese mountains of Greece were named after King Pelops of Greece. Europe was named after Europa, the princess of Phoenecia. Egyptian greatness lasted 5000 years. The Mediterranean was their backyard. Mummy grave goods have contained Lapis from the Hindu Kush and Coca from South America. The earliest 'humans' and hominids are all African. We all have African ancestors.
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2014. 7. 31.

Sorry! King Pelops of Egypt.

2014. 7. 31.
+Boviss1 egyptians are greeks. It's written in greek history book greeks built egypt.

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  1. Peloponesus is a peninsula not a mountain! Europa wasn't a person! its greek mithology. The oldest humans r from greece. read the anthropolog Poulianos as he found over 10 sceletons, the oldest 11millions years! search homo Trigliensis! Greeks nameded Phoenicia from the Gr mythical bird, that gave it's name to the homonemus plant, as it's top resambles the bird! So Phenicia is the coast with the phenix plants! the name also means homicide.
    King Pelops has GREEK.
    Aigypt had over 50000years history! read Diogenes Laertius!


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