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Friday, June 6, 2014

Arab learned music from Greek or Roman

Are you kidding me? Muslim chant sounds similar to Byzantine Chant because Muslim chant was copied from byzantine music back in the Roman day along with other influence of Greek-Roman culture and scholars on arabs, and of course turkish chant sounds byzantine chant because area currently called turkey used to be part of greece and where the city byzantium itself was located in. Also, west Roman Catholic(True Church) used same style as byzantine music because there is only one rome at first but later developed different style of our own(as a Roman Catholic) and, later, when Muslims invaded Byzantine Rome, they learned music from Romans along with other cultures law, architectures, science and math etc. that's why muslim chant sounds similar to byzantine chant. I am surprised by your ignorance of basic history. Go back to school and learn Greek-Roman history again. all you have to remember is that Greece gifted humanity with culture and civillization.

 If you listen to the earliest west catholic chant, they sound like this but as I already told you, west develope another style of gregorian chant later. It's not groundless but the well known fact that Arabs learned not only music but also architecture, culture, medicine, science, math, art and law etc etc from Byzantine Roman Empire. music instruments came from Orient to Europe has nothing to do with Greeks because the europe you are talking about is spain and other northern europeans not the greece and Italia, arabs learned music from greece or rome, and teach what they learn from greece to spain as they learned other culture, chemistry, law, medicine, math, art, architecture from greece or rome, and taught that to other european countries(You only know this part "Muslim taught Europe" but you absolutely have no clue about the basic historical fact that Muslim learned from Greece because Muslims don't teach it to their kids this history and keeps quite about it, so you absurdly and ignorant think just because greece is in europe, you ignorantly think Muslim did not learn from Greece(or Rome) and thinks the opposite is true.) that's why muslim chant has similar melody to byzantine chant. especially, the religion of islam(devil religion) came after christian, so it mimics christian religions and muslim music actually mimic christian music(byzantine).
here is the citation I found from the history book because you seem very ignorant about history and only know the propaganda pseudo history of lefist nationalists that doesn't teach about Greece which is the most important history, and ignorantly thinks that the fact that Muslim taught Europe in science, art, architecture etc(or rome) can include Greece just because Greece is in Europe without knowing that Arabs merely taught Europe what they learned from greece. So, your kind can come up with the absurd comment like Byzantine Music sounds like Muslim, why it's called byzantine? lol that's so absurd that I cannot even describe it.
As was the case in other artistic and scientific fields, Arabs translated and developed Greek texts and works of music and mastered the musical theory of the Greeks (i.e. Systema ametabolon, enharmonium, chromatikon, diatonon).[1]

The words CODEX, ORDER and many other are of Turkish origin. are you serious? another absurd statement because of your ignorance in the history. You are stealing Roman History as Turkish History now.  Current turks are actually Greek and Roman natives that lives in anatolia and has nothing to do with original tribe of Turks(mixture of Mongoloid and Arian).

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