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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Black haired Spaniards and Portuguese are the Roman descents from Italia.

when did I say there is no indigeneous population in Spain? don't pretend you know the history. I am sure you don't even know who is indigeneous people in spain. I am sure you don't know north africa was part of Roman Empire before muslim invasion from saudi arabia. you have no basic knowledge in Roman history which is the most important history and should know FIRST before knowing insignificant history like muslim invasion which is insignificant history that you don't even really need to know for it is age of falling roman empire unless you are an saudi arabian and which is the only thing you ignorant people from american continent who has no knowledge in history know and love so much as a propaganda. you don't know the history that Arabs didn't affect spanish population that much because number of them were very small administration rulers and did not mix because catholic and islam prohibited the marriage between the two, and even those muslims all expelled back to their land in reconquista and inquisition. Sicily influence in italia? Sicily is the part of Italia. Again, you typical ignorant one from the US or Latin America who set up the weird assumption that Sicillians are different people than rest of italians. native Sicilians called sicany people are actually original pure blooded italian populations and Saracens expelled quickly from italia affecting almost nothing than a few archeology. I am sure you are going to spew the things you hear from anti-european propaganists who don't know anything about history that Arabs brought civillizations to europe without knowing the real history arabs actually learned science, architecture, music, art, philosophy and math etc from Romans(Byzantine) and brought that to Europe which is appreciated. people in spain you ignorantly think as an arab descendants are actually pure blooded Greeks, and Romans from italia. If you think that I am too judgemental to you telling you that you are ignorant, I know you are ignorant because you already said the very absurd ignorant thing that said Latin America is term only used in the US, and  I have met many many those ignorant people from the american continent who thinks like you and don't know anything about the history except for their favorite part arabs invaded spain yeah! which is the only thing they know and don't care about any other history, and even pretend externally that i am very knowledgeable in history. please I cannot stand you ignorant people from american continent. as for portugal, I am sure you don't know the history that It is one of the part of hispania where the Romans(ethnique Romans called latins not as Romans from much later multi-tribal Principate Roman Empire  which is only known to you ignorant guys because you loved anything multi-something minority rules! lefty propaganda) settle the most along with Hispania Baetica which is the modern southern spain because there was a large silver mine for Romans.  from Italia please study Greek-Roman history. Greek-Roman history which you have no interest is the most basic you should know first before all other insignificant history(unless you want to spread false propaganda using small facts of insignificant history) and the most important history to know and is very interesting and fun to read.

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