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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mother of Didius Julianus is a North Africans of Roman descent

Didius Julianus


Julianus was born to Quintus Petronius Didius Severus and Aemilia Clara.[2] Julianus's father came from a prominent family in Mediolanum (Milan) and his mother was a North African woman of Roman descent. Clara came from a family of consular rank. His brothers were Didius Proculus and Didius Nummius Albinus.[2] His date of birth is given as 30 January 133 by Cassius Dio[3] and 2 February 137 by the Historia Augusta.[4]
Didius Julianus was raised by Domitia Lucilla, mother of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius.[5] With Domitia's help, he was appointed at a very early age to the vigintivirate, the first step towards public distinction.[6] He married a Roman woman named Manlia Scantilla, and sometime around 153, Scantilla bore him a daughter and only child Didia Clara.[7]


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